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Parcel 7
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Spans approximately 34.565 acres, predominantly covered in picturesque woodland, and boasts around 991 feet of road frontage along Dutch Ridge Road (subject to finalized survey) accompanied by an existing driveway. Convenient access to water and electric hookups is readily available.  



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Perry County 225-Acre Land Auction

Saturday, June 29th at 10:00 AM

8 Parcels – Wooded Lots – Recreational Ground

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The property is located on Dutch Run Road SE, Junction City, OH. Auction will be held on site at entrance to parcel 5.

A remarkable 225-acre property, conveniently located a mere 45-minute drive from Columbus, will be offered in 8 parcels, 2 parcels or as a whole. It features access to county water, thriving deer and turkey populations, outstanding hunting prospects, ample road frontage, and multiple access points. Water sources on each parcel.

Parcel 1: Access this approximately 44.694 acres (subject to final survey) tract via Twp Rd 362 SE off Town Hwy 128. The road seamlessly extends into the property, establishing a well-structured trail system leading to the existing gas line. This feature offers an ideal location for a food plot, attracting deer traversing the surrounding ridges. 

Parcel 2: Encompasses approximately 29.059 acres, is accessed via Twp Rd 362 SE from Dutch Ridge Rd SE. The roadway seamlessly transitions into the property, creating a well-defined trail network. This property boasts a spacious frontal area ideal for constructing a residence, cultivating food plots, or planting soybeans. 

Parcel 3: Comprises approximately 22.780 acres of mixed wooded and open land, includes around 395 feet of road frontage on Dutch Ridge Road (subject to final survey), complete with an existing driveway. Convenient access to water and electric hookups further enhances the appeal of this property. This parcel presents an ideal opportunity for deer hunting, offering the possibility of establishing a food plot along the existing gas line. 

Parcel 4: Comprises approximately 19.044 acres of picturesque, wooded land and boasts around 1252 feet of road frontage along Dutch Ridge Rd (subject to final survey), accompanied by an existing driveway. Convenient access to water and electric hookups further enhances the property's appeal. Additionally, an existing oil well is present on the premises. 

Parcel 5: Comprises approximately 47.685 acres, predominantly wooded, with an estimated 261 feet of road frontage along Dutch Ridge Rd (subject to final survey). The entrance driveway will be finalized prior to the auction. Moreover, the property benefits from an existing gas line, offering potential for establishing food plots both at the front and rear sections. Accessibility to water and electric hookups is convenient. The front portion of the property presents an ideal location for residential construction. 

Parcel 6: Spans approximately 10.868 acres, predominantly covered in picturesque woodland, and boasts around 222 feet of road frontage along Dutch Ridge Road (subject to finalized survey). A driveway entrance will be finalized before the auction. Convenient access to water and electric hookups is readily available. 

Parcel 7: Spans approximately 34.565 acres, predominantly covered in picturesque woodland, and boasts around 991 feet of road frontage along Dutch Ridge Road (subject to finalized survey) accompanied by an existing driveway. Convenient access to water and electric hookups is readily available.  

Parcel 8: Comprises approximately 17.090 acres, predominantly wooded, with 626 feet of road frontage on Dutch Ridge Rd SE and 205 feet of road frontage on Town Hwy 128 (subject to final survey). This property features exceptionally picturesque water features. 

The parcels will be offered together and separately and will sell whichever way brings the most. There will be interim combinations of parcels 1-6 (174.13 acres+-) and 7&8 ( 51.66 acres +). Then, the last step will be to offer the property as a whole 225 +/- acres.

Open House: The property will be open for viewing Thursday, June 27th 5-7:30PM. Private showings are available through Frank DiMarco, 740-393-1001 or Melody Rising, 330-473-3525.

Taxes/Legal: Perry County Pike Township Parcel # 24000722000.0 current annual will be determined when the final survey is complete and will be prorated to the date of closing. 

Terms: The successful purchaser(s) will be required to make a nonrefundable down payment of 10% at the conclusion of the auction with the balance due at closing within 60 days. A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the final bid(s) to determine the purchase price(s). All desired property viewings need to be completed prior to bidding.   

Listing Agent, Frank DiMarco, 740-393-1001 – Listing Agent, Melody Rising, 330-473-3525 – Seth Andrews, Auctioneer/Broker, RES Auction Services


1. Any person who registers or bids at this auction (the “Bidder”) agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any auction announcements. A bid placed by Bidder will be deemed conclusive proof that Bidder has read, understands, and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. There will be a 10% Buyer’s Premium added to the final bid, which is your final purchase price and the price that is recorded at the county auditor’s website.
  2. The bidding will be by the acre. Your bid price X the amount of acres rounded to the nearest 10th.
  3. Any desired inspections must be completed prior to bidding. This purchase agreement is not contingent upon the satisfactory state of any inspections required after the date of the auction.
  4. Sellers will provide a marketable deed and convey the property as per terms of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement.
  5. Property Sells “AS IS”
  6. Property sells subject to articles in the present Deed, Title, and any articles or notices of public record.
  7. Buyer will pay CAUV tax recoupment if any, due and payable after deed conveyance.
  8. Seller, through Seller’s title agency, shall provide to Buyer: Warranty Title, The Escrow Agent shall be chosen by the Seller, however, if required as a condition of the load, the Escrow Agent shall be chosen by Buyer’s Lender.
  9. Seller shall pay for the cost of the title search, deed preparation and county conveyance fees. Seller and Buyer shall each pay one-half of the Escrow Agent’s standard closing fee. If an owner’s policy of title insurance is selected, the buyer and seller will split the owner’s title insurance 50/50, including, without limitation, the additional cost of the premium for insurance of an owner’s policy, the cost of a loan policy, title endorsements, location survey, or other items required by Buyer, or Buyer’s lender. Buyer shall pay for all recording fees. RES advocates the use of title insurance in all real estate transactions.
  10. Acreage and frontage amounts, including lot markers, are approximate and subject to final survey. (If required)
  11. RES requires a nonrefundable down payment (earnest money) of 10% of the purchase price at the time of purchase. The sale is not subject to any contingencies for financing.
  12. Earnest Money Deposit is NONREFUNDABLE; the contract contains no provisions for contingency on financing. In bidding, you are asserting you have the fundings to close. In the event Buyer does not close in compliance with the terms of this purchase agreement, all earnest money shall be forfeited and paid to the Seller as liquidation damage.
  13. Buyer agrees to indemnify and save harmless RES, its employees, and agents, from any liability stemming from any incorrect information given or any material information Seller fails to disclose whether or not known by the Seller at the time of the execution of the purchase agreement.
  14. Property sells subject to any announcements made the day of sale.
  15. It is the sole responsibility of Bidder to monitor RES’s website with respect to any updates or information regarding any Real Estate on which Bidder is bidding. Bidder acknowledges that information regarding the Real Estate may be updated or changed on RES’s website at any time prior to the conclusion of bidding and that Bidder has timely reviewed the Real Estate information or assumes the risk of not having done so.
  16. Once submitted, a bid cannot be retracted.
  17. The Bidder uses the online bidding platform at their own risk. RES is not responsible for errors or omissions in bid submissions or acceptance. RES does not guarantee the platform’s uninterrupted function, availability, or compatibility with the Bidder’s hardware or software. RES is not liable for any damages resulting from its use or attempted use, including failures, interruptions, or delays.
  18. In the event that Bidder is the successful bidder, Bidder must immediately execute the Contract for Purchase and Sale and tender a nonrefundable earnest money deposit in the form of cash, check, or immediately available, certified funds and in the amount set forth by RES, by 1:00 p.m. (EST) on the business day following the auction. The balance of the purchase price will be due at closing on the specified closing date. The Real Estate must close within 45 days of the date of the auction, or as otherwise agreed to by Seller and Bidder.
  19. Bidder acknowledges the closing may be delated for reasons beyond the control of Seller, Buyer, or Broker. Delays caused by survey, title issues, county agency approvals, lender processes shall automatically extend the closing date. Bidder agrees to cooperate in good faith to proceed to closing by the closing date or as soon after as practicable.
  20. RES has the right to establish all bidding increments.
  21. RES may, in its sole discretion, reject, disqualify, or refuse any bid believed to be fraudulent, illegitimate, not in good faith, made by someone who is not competent, or made in violation of these Terms and Conditions or applicable law.
  22. Bidder warrants and represents that they are at least 18 years of age and are fully authorized to bid.
Dutch Run Road SE
Junction City, Ohio 43738
United States